Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Building the frame and Y-axis

So I finally got down to business today and started the mechanical assembly. Assembling the frame and Y-axis took about 2.5 hours, give or take. I used the Prusa build instructions [here] while cross referencing the Makergear specific changes [here]. So far things have gone pretty smoothly. Getting the Y-axis to slide smoothly took a little coaxing- a lot of wiggling f the linear rods and fine tuning of the bar clamps on the ends. I think it is smooth enough to run well, but overall it is a bit finicky.

Finding all the proper hardware to assemble the Y-axis took a while- there was a plastic bag of miscellaneous bolts, washers and nuts which had the right sizes to make things work. I ended up getting out the calipers to verify that I had the right M3x12 bolts for the wooden frame. Also- the 3rd bolt that holds the Y-axis motor to its bracket would not fit in the space next to the idler wheel. For now I'm going without it, I'll kludge a solution if I determine I really need the extra strength.

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