Sunday, June 19, 2011

First prints

I got my machine to make a couple of prints last night - I still can't believe I was able to get the settings roughed in well enough to make usable prints this quickly. I made a simple 10mm thick calibration plate with holes to test out the various functions. Right now I have my e_steps_per_unit = 250 in the firmware. I think this is probably a bit high, but am not really sure what other Makergear plastruders are set to. With it set to 250, it takes six clicks of extrude to push 10mm of filament into the extruder. So that should be 250*6/10 = 150 to reach the appropriate value. I'll try that later today and see how it works. I'm kind of confused at the length slider in repsnapper - does 10 mean it will push 10 mm into the extruder, or 10 mm is supposed to come out of the nozzle?
For the plate I set skeinforge dimensions to filament diameter =  1.78 , packing density ratio = 1, retract speed = 14mm/s, distance 5mm, extra restart of 0.1mm.
For skeinforge speed I used feedrate=20, flowrate=180

The bottom shows that it is probably squirting too much plastic, so I adjusted the flowrate down to 140 for the disc print. Overall it looks pretty good to me! The circle is round, the lines straight, and it didn't lift any strings while depositing. Here's the second print, the beginning of a giant glass (I'm not used to thinking in mm while designing parts so I made a shotglass 1.5 inches wide at the base and nearly 3 inches tall!!). I stopped it before it even reached the bottom of the inside of the glass since I could see it wasn't quite working out.

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