Friday, June 24, 2011

More calibration

I spent more time calibrating the settings today- I fine tuned the e_steps in firmware to give me a decent print, and then realized that my x and y step settings weren't yet right, making a 36.3 x 47.5 plate instead of 30 x 40. Doh. So I fixed the x and y steps, which screwed up the esteps again. I have read that esteps is supposed to be mm of filament INTO the extruder, and the same people have then said that in skeinforge you should set flowrate equal to feedrate. This results in WAY too much plastic being extruded. What settings besides esteps(firmware) and flowrate(skeinforge) control how much plastic is extruded?? Here is a shot of my before and after plates, with the esteps written in sharpie on them:

Mt current settings are 1000 for esteps, 25 for flowrate and feedrate, and a decent width over thickness ratio comes out at 1.3.

setting esteps for proper mm into the extruder is around 1406

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