Friday, June 17, 2011

Chassis finished, RAMPS soldering fun

I finished up the chassis build this morning by installing the X-axis motor and belt, and tuning everything up one more time. All axes seem to move with very little effort- the motors seem to add more resistance than the slides so I 'think' I'm ok.
I also worked on the Makergear hot end- soldering the teflon coated wires and adding the last of the ceramic adhesive. My final nichrome resistance is about 6.3 ohms, so that should be roughly 2 amps supplied at 12 volts.
I also soldered up the RAMPS 1.2 board. Makergear shipped me the ultimachine V1.2 package. I would rather have had 1.3 but I'm just being picky. Before and after shots:

I still have to solder the stepper driver boards and opto-endstops, then I'll start experimenting with uploading the Sprinter firmware to the arduino and see if I can keep the magic smoke inside all the chips.

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