Friday, June 17, 2011

Y-Axis is alive!

I spent the afternoon modding the ATX power supply to turn on without a motherboard, soldering up the stepper drivers and opto-endstops, uploading the Sprinter firmware to the Mega 2560, and wiring a shielded cable for the Y-axis. I had to tinker with the configuration file a bit to turn off the endstops for now- I don't have any plugged in so repsnapper refused to move motors without them. But once I got the settings right the Y-axis started responding to the simple move commands in repsnapper!

I've been using an old Hako 927 soldering iron for all of the electronics - and also for all of the crimped connectors for the wiring into the RAMPS. It was a reject from work, but has settable temperature control and can be set up with a ground for ESD electronics soldering. It's probably 20 years old but still works like a champ.

I add a bit of solder after I crimp on the connectors before I insert them into the connector housing. I have had trouble in the past with crimped connectors working loose and creating intermittent shorts- a real pain in the ass to troubleshoot. The list of things to work on is starting to get shorter, and I haven't run into any major snags so far...
To do: wire up Z-axis, wire up X-axis, finish hot end, install and wire extruder, install print bed, install and wire endstops.

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