Saturday, June 25, 2011


I got some help on IRC yesterday with my issues of extruding too much plastic. It turns out there is a printer settings tab in repsnapper buried in the edit menu. This settings tab has info for layer height, width over thickness, and even an extruder multiplier. Once I changed these settings to match skeinforge everything fell into place. Here's a quick rundown of what I think are the important settings that is making this work for me:
  • layer height = 0.3
  • feed and flowrates = 25mm/s
  • width over thickness (both in carve and fill) = 1.3
  • filament diameter = 1.78 (measured directly with calipers)
  • Filament packing ratio = 1
  • layer height = 0.3
  • extruded material width = 0.39
  • multiplier = 1
I tried building a central disc of a filament spool holder and was having great success until it started lifting somewhere around halfway through. I should have known better than to try something that large (~80mm diameter) before getting my heated bed installed. But all the fill was looking beautiful and the holes were printing quite well.
I then tried printing my own version of the minimug since I figured it was about time to toast a successful printer. It came out quite nicely, although there are a lot of thin strings on the inside where the inner perimeter finished. I think I need to tweak with clip, and activate comb in skeinforge. There is also a vertical ridge along the side of the mug where the outer perimeter began each path. Despite all of this the mug is watertight, and I'll see if it holds scotch tonight. I'm thinking a mini shot of Laphroiag would make a great toast...

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